Bordados Embroidery Service

Why should you choose Bordados Trading Post...

Types of embroidery work.

Conventional embroidery. (eg. names, sayings etc.)
Embroidered Emblems and/-or logos.
Embroidered golf bags, Equestrian items, hats and many other textiles.

Embroidery is the adaptation of clothing to good quality and price.

We embroider up to 12 colors on most fabrics and many promotional products that offer lifetime durability.
On products such as T-shirts, shirts, jackets, pants, sweaters, hats, embroidery adds an extra value to the product.
With our multi headed industrial machine, we can produce several pieces simultaneously with high precision and cost effectiveness.

All company logo’s must have an digitile embroidery file. This is a one time cost, and depends on how many stitches the logo needs. Normally the cost is € 60-80,- for the embroidery card.

We work with the most modern equipment on the market. Market leading Barudan sewing machines enable us to increase production in parallel with the company’s growth.

Last but not least, we accept orders as low as 1 item, we are more than happy to supplement small quantities and we have no startup cost.

Jobman Workwear.

Make sure your work force has the best adapted, and branded work and safety wear when working with your company’s much valued customers.

The high quality  brand “Jobman Workwear” offers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, mechanics and others who need durable and functional work wear the best material and fit at a affordable price. To make sure the customers notice what company the personnel work for, you brand your company by adding the embroidered company logo to their work wear. The embroidery gm diet will have longer durability than any print, and will not come off during wash.

Work trousers, shorts, vests, t-shirts and jackets in different sizes and models available, all with extra pockets, knee pads, shorter or longer pant legs etc.

We are more than happy to help you find the right colors, models, style to have the most functional and best branded work wear available.

Weekly shipping to midle and northern Europe.

Come by or contact us by phone or E-Mail to receive a catalog or for a friendly chat.

Sportswear and Hospitality-wear.

Sportswear: We dress active people in functional and personalized clothing. We work with companies that offer high quality clothing for any sporting event. T-shirts with or without collar, sweaters, technical breathable clothing, shorts, pants, long and short sleeved T-shirts, polo shirts, fleece vests and jackets, winter jackets, wind/rain proof jackets and several other functional items for both women and men, which will provide increased credibility for your company and your employees.

We also embroider for the equestrian industry. Names, logos, sponsorships etc on different types of equestrian items looks amazing. Please contact us by e-mail or phone for an offer before sending or dropping of you equestrian item.

Hospitalitywear: Personified workwear for pharmacists, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, waiters, chefs, bartenders, front desk workers, housekeepers and others working in the hospitality and service industry. Your staff should look and feel amazing wearing their work clothes. With our line of products we take you one step closer to making both staff and guests getting, and giving, that little bit extra, that make you stand out from the crowd.

Different combinations and colors available, so contact us for further information and we will be happy to help you.

We are great at what we do

Have Bordados TP put your company logo on corporate apparel, custom sports shirts, and promotional shirts at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We’re sure that once you try us, you’ll never go anywhere else.

  • We will make your company branding shine, at a price you can afford.
  • We do all embroidery in-house, to ensure quality control from start to finish.
  • Free, no-obligation quotes for everything we do.
  • No minimum order and no start up cost.
  • We use only colorfast, bleach-resistant thread (Isacord polyester) in an extensive array of colors.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with every aspect of our service.

Core Service

  • Digitizing

    At Bordados TP, designing for embroidery – called digitizing – is an art done by skilled professionals. It can take most of the day to make a code that tells our embroidery machine where to place each stitch — and digitizing artists are well worth the expense. After all, they’re designing wearable art. . . . Digitizing fees are a one-time thing. As long as you use the same logo, there are no further ‘setup’ fees for subsequent orders.

  • Embroidery Cost

    Embroidery costs are based on the number of stitches in the design and how many articles we’re embroidering with the exact same logo (to include thread colors). Since embroidered logos are measured in stitches, the more complex your logo is, the higher the stitch count. A standard-size logo has less than 10,000 stitches.

  • Minimum Order

    We have no minimum order size, but apparel and embroidery both cost less in quantity.

  • Send Logo

    Send an email to with your logo attached in a .jpg, .gif, or .pdf file format. PDF is our preference. Tell us what size you want your logo to be and what you want to put it on (caps, shirts, fleece, etc.). We will get back to you with a suggestion for your approval befor starting the embroidery process.

  • Embroidery VS Printing

    Embroidery has texture. So embroidered logos have the added advantage of character, durability, and are more eye-catching.

    In print, letters can be smaller and colors can be blended more intricately than in embroidery.

    Bordados TP does embroidery and printing, so do not hesitate to contact us with what you prefer.

  • Pantone Colors

    Pantone colors – while no embroiderer can possibly match every Pantone color (there are over 1000 Pantone colors and not nearly that many thread colors), we understand the system and will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the thread colors used for your logo.

100% Customer Satisfaction

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